Verification of Operation & Autenticity -
minimizing risk.

operational capability

Verification of
Operational Capability

Operational capability of vessels is a well known term -
Check-iT as a MSG Company has developed tools and methology to verify and assess the operational capability of Companies.

Communication between persons, units and departments, understanding of company values, and leadership are vital ingredients for the sound management of Companies aswell as safety, security, working environment and economy.

Check-iT look into and beyond statutory and industry standards as the ISM code and various ISO standards. Focusing on operational capability of the organisation. Providing a behind the scenes, in depth perspective on operational capabilities.


Verification of documents of competence

Reports by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and IMO show the obvious consequences for operational safety and security. Falsification of documents is extensive and put billions of US dollars and up to 2.5 million jobs, each year at risk.

Fraudulent certificates and documentation of competence are presented in various types and levels. e.g.
1. Fabricated Certificates
2. Genuine, but altered Certificates
3. Genuine Certificates based on false documentation
4. Genuine Certificates issued by disloyal officials or training institutions

By comparing the actual documents of competence presented by a candidate against registries at/or issued by the original issuing authority or institution, Check-iT will issue a letter of verification as to the authenticity of such documents.  In the event that a document cannot be verified, Check-iT will issue a statement accordingly.



Check-iT a MSG Company, was founded in 2015 and is situated in Aalesund, Norway.

  • The region is renowned for beeing in the heart of the Norwegian maritime and marine cluster, an industrial and industry HUB and a busy travel destination.
  • Check-iT management and team members are operationally experienced.
    Holding University College degrees and seasoned from services as:
    - Maritime Officers
    - Public and private services within contingency, auditing, survey and training
    - International shipping companies within HR, HSEQ and Technical support
  • Check-it provide services in the range of verification of documents of competence and verification & assessment of the operational capability of organisations

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